12/05/2015 - Great News....Racebase become stockists of Evans Waterless Engine Coolant!!

Great News....Racebase become stockists of Evans Waterless Engine Coolant!!

Evans Powersports Waterless Engine Coolant is now widely used and endorsed by the Honda World Motocross Team, HM Plant KTM Team, Fast eddy Racing, LPE Kawasaki Team as well as Enduro Champion David Knight who has been using Evans for over four years now. The RLC Enduro team and the Royal Engineers Enduro Team also user Powersports products.

The Powersports waterless coolant has a boiling point of around 180⁰C in ambient, and just by increasing the range between operating temperature and boiling point it has eliminated any over-boiling issues allowing an engine to run comfortably if needed at slightly higher temperatures that are not agreeable with traditional water-based coolant whilst increasing engine efficiency and performance. Because there is no water present and there is no evaporation, the coolant will never need topping up, also there are no minerals present or vaporisation occurring that would deteriorate the inhibitors in the fluid and this means that the coolant will literally last the lifetime of an engine and will never need changing. All products are also completely non-toxic and therefore more environmentally friendly, much safer and easier to dispose of. Evans also has the major benefit of virtually eliminating the corrosion process due to the omission of water and in turn, oxygen. The pressure within a cooling system is significantly reduced by around 80% due to there being no vapour pressure, the only pressure found when using Evans will be that of expansion which puts much less stress and strain on all hoses, gaskets and seals.

Evans Prep Fluid is a flushing fluid designed to extract all of the water left in a system after draining a vehicle from its current fluid. If you simply drop a bottom hose out to drain, you will never get it all out, there will always be water left in thermostats, heater matrixes and any shelving where water can get trapped. You would only need to put enough Prep in the system to be able to run the motorcycle up to temperature for around 20-25 minutes to allow the thermostat to open up. The prep fluid then absorbs the water that was remaining and pulls it out of the system when you drain it off. The prep will also bring out any loose gunk, scale and sediment and if filtered after each use, this fluid can then be used a further two times if kept in a sealed container. You then fill the system with Powersports coolant and that’s it, no topping up or replenishing needed.

Racebase are proud to announce that we are now stockists of Evans Powersports Waterless Engine Coolant and Prep Fluid.

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